Tarifa Garage Coworking Bathroom
June 9, 2019

Rest Room

Comfy and nice. You can even have a quick shower when you come to work after your surf session. Square: 8 m2 Bonus: Shower Get workplaceRead more
Tarifa Garage Coworking Coffee Corner
June 9, 2019

Coffe & Kitchette

Take a break, get a coffee and realx or chat with other coworkers to clear your head and fill with energy. Square: 30 m2 Bonus: Coffee Get workplaceRead more
Tarifa Garage Coworking Chill Out Coffee
June 9, 2019

Lounge Zone

Have informal meetings or coffees with fellows coworkers in our comfy lounge/sofa corner. Square: 30 m2 Chill Out: 4 Get workplaceRead more
May 18, 2018

Street Cafe

Vestibulum augue tortor, consequat eu diam a, varius pulvinar ipsum. Vivamus posuere, mauris eu interdum molestie, dui ligula interdum tortor. Square: 45 m Workplaces: 2 Price: 150$/month Get workplaceRead more
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