There is a pre-COVID era and a post COVID era when we speak about remote working and freedom of movement to work from wherever. If we think about only 2 years ago, here at our coworking space in Tarifa, we had only people leaving and working in town or digital entrepreneurs having an online business.

Since summer 2020 thought,  the trend changed completely. More and more people in need of a coworking desk are big companies employees that are able to work remotely and travel meanwhile, due to the pandemic measures many multinational companies implemented.

Tarifa’s added value added

When choosing a destination to work from you have to keep in mind few aspects

  • Infrastructure available
  • Time Zone of the location
  • Presence Expat / Foreigner community
  • Ease to find accommodation and work spaces if you need
  • Sport and cultural activities in the surroundings

If you are considering coming to Tarifa as one of the options, you’ll see there are many upsides. Lately Tarifa has turned into a place when people form abroad or from the rest of Spain come to live all year round. Thats why there is a pretty extended international community both working and enjoying what Tarifa and its beaches have to offer. Together with more people coming every year, Tarifa has also all the necessary infrastructure, there is everything you need to live with all the comforts of a bigger town: fast internet, big accommodation offer, bars and restaurants of every kind, shops and services. Nightlife is pretty active too! Another big advantage is that it’s in the same time zone of the rest of Europe, or very close, so you don’t need to adapt your working times. For outdoor sports lovers the biggest pro of living and working in Tarifa is that you can combine work and leisure everyday. Whether your passion is watersports, mountain biking, horse riding and many more, you can enjoy everyday your favourite activity without putting aside work.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tarifa

The population doubles every year in July and August, but the other 10 months of the year it’s a quiet town where you can live a pleasant life both if you come with the family and if you are single and you would like to meet new people.

Every year more and more people stay and live all year round in Tarifa, while some 10 years ago many many people where only coming to work seasonally.

Despite Tarifa is considered to be the wind sports Mecca, still there are more people who come for bird watching

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